New Freight Management Software Modules

We are excited to bring to our customers the opportunity to close the loop through an automated delivery status Freight Management Software (FMS) system, overcoming the frustrating, time consuming, manual (or semi-manual) traditional methods of identifying a carrier’s true performance results.

  • Our independent API can be used by any carrier, big or small
  • Multi-carrier POD data within the one central FMS system
  • Imports (often in real time) POD data
  • Can include captured signature & photographs of deliveryn
  • Delivery Status Alert pop up for proactive management
  • DIFOT Reports from ‘hard data’ that can be manipulated for real time insights


Independent Carrier API

Providing our clients and their carriers with an independent API for our FMS system enables a range of improvements in automating delivery status data to proactively improve your customer service capabilities.

  • Is available for any carrier
  • Standard format to upload consignment delivery status to our server; downloaded to your FMS system
  • Ensures you have POD data in FMS system for all your compliant carriers
  • Provides data such as:
    • con note number, delivery notes, current status, estimated delivery date, signature & photos
  • Data can include time of delivery (carrier dependent)


DIFOT Reporting

Instead of relying on anecdotal evidence from clients who recently experienced an overdue or lost consignment, or a report from the carrier account manager that is well passed the time where you can mitigate the impact on your client, and has also been edited to omit ‘exceptions’, our new DIFOT reporting through imported POD data can paint a far more accurate picture of service levels for each carrier, and in a timely manner.

  • Show your clients the true service level to counteract the occasional delivery issues that leave an overly negative impression of the carrier’s service
  • Stop manually searching on the carrier’s website with spot checking individual consignments; quickly obtain the whole picture through our DIFOT module
  • DIFOT Reports with flexible date range: by week, month, year
  • DIFOT Reports by carrier for Zones, States, or across All Consignments
  • Export data via Excel with a click of the button including Dispatch Date, ETA, and Delivered Date fields


Sign on Glass (SOG) Android App

For shippers that have their own drivers or subcontractors, and for those shippers whose carriers do not have Sign-On-Glass (SOG) capability, we have an SOG Android App that is fully integrated with our FMS system that can be used as the final tech system to ensure all consignments have a closed loop electronic POD capability.

  • API Carrier integration with technologically advanced, larger carriers
  • SOG Android App with multi carrier capability for smaller, rural carriers
  • POD data capture in FMS system includes photos and delivery time
  • Manage Flags such as ‘okay to short deliver’, photo required, etc.


To learn more about implementing this advanced version of our FMS System that creates a two-way data integration

between your dispatching system and your carrier's delivery data, for a 'single source of truth' Contact Us for a free online demonstration!