Freight Forwarding Software - EasyFreight

EasyFreight is a compact, but powerful billing software system for domestic freight forwarders or freight brokers.

  • Imports large volumes of consignment data
  • Automatically prices the consignment data using pre-loaded rates; buy & sell
  • Builds and confirms margins in to freight invoices: both pdf & Excel


Integration with our FMS system

EasyFreight allows your customers to work on a paperless basis without the need for manual data entry.

  • Import from our Freight Management Software (FMS) system, or;
  • Import from your sub-contractors’ CSV invoice; automatically calculating the sell price as it imports
  • Our FMS system allows your customers to trade with multiple carriers on a paperless basis
  • Our FMS system includes least cost carrier selection function
  • You can manually insert or edit consignments


Reconciliation of the carrier’s CSV invoice

EasyFreight provides you with a method to reconcile of the carrier’s invoice, potentially importing and reconciling hundreds of consignments in minutes.

  • Checks the weight & cube for each consignment and identifies discrepancies
  • Create an import template, then import the carrier’s invoiced transactions so that the system can check each consignment for errors, duplications, etc
  • Populate the carrier’s invoiced price as a direct comparison against the systems calculate buy price
  • Output your invoice to excel and or PDF as required.
  • Check the invoiced margin before finalizing the invoice
  • All consignment data can be filtered and exported in a one click process to Excel for customer reporting


New features and upgraded technology

The latest version of EasyFreight has a range of new technological advancements and features that dramatically improve the capability and efficiencies of the system.

  • Import the carrier’s invoiced cube and automatically accept the check weight and cube on the carrier’s invoice saving you the time of opening and updating each and every con note that has a check cube or weight.
  • automatically reprices the consignment on a buy & sell basis at the corrected charge weight; saving on import and processing time
  • MS SQL database; improved speed, reliability, and data integrity
  • Can export invoices to your accounting system


If you are a broker or domestic freight forwarder looking for a complete turnkey solution for the automated process of thousands of consignment notes with the option of an integrated FMS system,Contact Us for arranging a free online demonstration.