Freight Business Intelligence Dashboard & Reports

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Freight Business Intelligence - Dashboard & Reports

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Request a meeting for a free consult to learn how our Freight Business Intelligence Dashboard & Reporting solution can assist you with freight visibility and with driving actionable outcomes from the insights they provide. 

Our Freight B.I. Dashboard & Reports include:

  • By Warehouse Site Location: From
  • Receiver Location: To – ‘Primary Region’

Within these parameters you can see:

  • KPIs such as Average & Total Cost per Kgs
  • Trends over the timeframe selected in filters
  • Drilldown on Carriers and Services
  • Breakdown of ‘Per Region’ KPIs
  • Customer KPIs
  • Carrier KPIs

Our Freight Business Intelligence solutions help you to increase visibility on your freight costs and activity, and take control of your strategies to achieve a continuous improvement methodology.

Fill in the form and we can consult on your requirements and provide you with sample reports.



"I like working with Freight Controller because it has become an extension of our business and I can lean on their skills, experience and expertise with invoice reconciliation, rate reviews, establishing new carriers, liaison with the freight software provider and the carriers along with one off projects.”
Janelle Bulmer
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