5 Reasons why you should read our new blog

At Freight Controller we recognise that there are a lot of companies clamouring for people’s attention. We don’t want to waste your time so we’ve come up with 5 compelling reasons why you should stop with us for a few minutes and take on board our useful tips, ideas and solutions brought to you through our blogs posts.

1.   Our Managing Director, David Beach, MBus Log Mgt 

The driver and main author of our articles will be David. David Beach is a supply chain and logistics professional with over 25 years’ experience in the industry. He has worked at different levels in all facets of the logistics industry. His businesses have brought innovations in products and services across a wide range of manufacturing and distribution companies that has saved those companies many thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars of annual freight expenditure.

So, having David at the helm, we are sure that you will receive great ideas for improving your business that come from a wealth of knowledge and experience that is relevant to you and your organisation.

2.   At Freight Controller, we’re about win-win solutions

Our products and service are designed to reduce freight costs, and improve freight processes through best practice tools, are offered through a fee for service model that is activated through the savings and efficiencies uncovered. If you win through our methods, then we win too. It’s a risk free offer. If we stop helping you win, you are free to say goodbye. (But we’ll work very hard for you to make sure that doesn’t happen, and that’s another win for you).

We intend to honour the spirit of this philosophy through the voice of this Blog, providing you with knowledge and solutions that will answer your online research in the area of logistics and related technology.

3.   Innovation

At Freight Controller we’re constantly sourcing the best technologies, upgrading and improving on both our technology, our reports and services to make sure that our clients stay at the ‘cutting edge’ of best practice methodologies. This comes, in part, from listening carefully to you, helping you to pinpoint your highest cost areas, reveal patterns and insights, and then empowering you to make the most of what you learn.

Our team will do our utmost to assist you and we have the flexibility to build solutions quickly and cost effectively to your unique requirements, as well as the ability to uncover future trends and developments in the industry which shapes our product offerings.

So, if you want to learn about what’s on the horizon for the logistics and supply chain industry, we aim to be a source of knowledge for you.

4.   We can help you gain insights on your clients

We want to help you better understand your clients. We can gather all our clients’ freight data and drill down into the various layers. This can help you make informed decisions about your carrier and transport management that helps you to take control of the whole process and provide continuous improvement outcomes that flow through to your clients, and therefore help you take control of your market position.

If your clients are happy with you, you’re happy with us and we think, again, that creates a win-win scenario.

We aim to utilise the insights gained through amalgamated data in future blog posts for customer relations focussed companies, so stay tuned for more on this later.

5.  We are independent freight consultants

We are carrier agnostic and we are passionate about helping you improve your freight business strategies through transparent, impartial methods. The advice that we offer, in this blog, and in our meetings with clients, is that of an independent business advisor that specialises in the area of freight management.

So, whatever we uncover in our reports, we are going to find the best solution for your needs, not try and tailor the solution to a pre determined list of carriers. If you are working at best practice levels we will shake your hand and congratulate you on a job well done and be happy to stay in touch. You stay in control of the relationship with the carrier; you are in control of selecting from the options we put in front of you; what you take on board, and in which order. And if you want, we will help you with implementing those options, if not, then that’s fine too.

You can come to our blog posts to gain independent, impartial advice that you can implement when and if you want.

So, that’s the 5 reasons to drop in again to read our blog posts, we hope you found them worthy of your interest. Thank you for reading this far in our first blog post.

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