Freight Auditing Services

Outsource your freight audit process to a team of experts to help you optimize your freight bills

Freight Auditing Services

Our automated, comprehensive Freight Auditing Services ensure you only pay what you should.

Our Freight Auditing not only incorporates Carrier Consignment / Invoice Reconciliation (CIR), so you only pay for what you should, but goes beyond that, to incorporate a comprehensive Freight Auditing process.

Rather than processing the same type of costing errors at each invoice, we look beyond the symptoms to the cause, and work with you to eliminate them. Our experts can do this because we compare the carrier invoice data against the manifested data from your dispatch system. 

This tests that the correct rate has been applied plus other factors such as the charge weight, and any surcharges.

 We can also provide a Post Invoice Freight Audit that goes back many months and assists you with implementing a reclaiming process. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can audit your consignments moving forward.

What is included in this service?

Carrier invoice reconciliation

Every week, your manifest data and the carrier’s invoice data is fed to our Carrier Check system to be cross verified against one another and your rate cards housed in our system.

Our Carrier Check system can reconcile thousands of consignments on a line-by-line case within minutes.

Where needed, an expert cleric can review further for post dispatching discrepancies such as redelivery fees.

A weekly report is provided for all carrier invoices with a Credit Note report.

A freight analyst can then provide a comprehensive freight auditing process for new errors creeping in due to change of carrier, freight profile, systems changes, etc.

Freight auditing & reconciliation solution

We can scope out a solution to meet your goals. Our solution ensures:

  • You only pay what you should for each carrier invoice
  • Your warehouse and accounts staff focus on their core strengths and tasks
  • You can simplify the reconciliation process via niche Freight Auditing software (a system that can interpret all Australian carrier invoice terms, and streamline a complex process for you)
  • Gain insight on freight accruals, for accurate timely finance budgeting and reporting
  • You are alerted to new errors: systems & operations before they build up
Turnkey Freight Auditing Process

For larger shippers, best practice Freight Auditing can include cube weigh & label application.

If needed, we can provide you with our Freight Management Software (FMS) to capture your manifest data for cross verification of a more complete set of data. However, there are other ways to capture this. Our FMS system provides a range of other benefits beyond freight auditing, which you can read about here.

We strongly recommend that you incorporate our Business Intelligence solutions along with this service. This will mean the reports are at best practice as they use reconciled data for more accurate reporting that guides your strategies in the right direction.

“I like working with Freight Controller because it has become an extension of my business and I can lean on their skills, with invoice reconciliation, rate reviews, establishing new carriers and liaising with the software provider and the carriers along with one off projects.”
Janelle Bulmer

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