Providing best-practice freight management.

With over 40 years in distribution, we've worked with countless businesses across multiple industries. This has given us a deep understanding of the frustrations and needs of key markets and significant insight into best-practice freight management.

To find out our capability in a sector, select the industry that best fits you below.

Industrial, Wholesale and Distribution

The industrial, wholesale and distribution industries are facing significant changes, and the required rate of change is only becoming more rapid. With a need to quickly scale, increase operational efficiency and digitise to create the seamless omnichannel experiences customers want, a more transparent and data-driven freight management skill is needed.

FREIGHT CONTROLLER HELPS BY… providing the TMS and other freight technology to help you set up an Ecommerce shipping platform, as well as a tailored carrier distribution network to assist with last mile, residential delivery. We also have experience with setting up or improving your rating as a Bunnings’ supplier. We can set up break bulk, multi-leg streamlined distribution to tap into the efficiencies and savings therein, and with setting up drop shipping solutions.

Machinery, Mining and Engineering

With many essential services linked to the work done in these sectors, your freight management needs to be on point to deal with the complexity and demand. Expensive equipment, oversize shipments, hazardous cargo, safety management and remote locations are just some of the issues that need to be managed and it can become incredibly costly when you don’t have the right carriers or the transparency across your freight data.

FREIGHT CONTROLLER HELPS BY… providing the TMS and other freight technological systems that work in combination with a streamlined operational distribution network to ensure that your freight requirements are serviced optimally for your individual business needs. We help you take control of your freight via data-driven freight management solutions that enable you to reduce your costs, and improve your logistical operations.


The automotive industry is quite complex in that it operates within a just-in-time model and requires a high level of consistency and accuracy in products. This can be a significant challenge for automotive suppliers as the right part needs to be in the right location at the right time – every time. For this reason, there is no room for compromise in your freight management.

FREIGHT CONTROLLER HELPS BY… setting up the reporting and alerts, internally and for customers, to enable proactive monitoring of your deliveries as well as tailoring a carrier distribution solution to best match your needs. We have the technology and services to streamline your logistical operations so you can focus on your customers.

Apparel and Textiles

The Apparel and Textiles industries have faced considerable challenges moving their products, with concerns around specialised materials handling requirements, over-dimensional freight, dealing with returns, inter-stock transfers and more. The push towards adopting a business-to-consumer model to open up markets and go global further adds to this complexity and the need for customer-friendly, automated freight capability.

FREIGHT CONTROLLER HELPS BY… having a range of logistics technology solutions that can be set up to manage all aspects of your freight requirements: automating returns, algorithms to ensure the cheapest closest store or 3PL or online market ships your freight, split delivery management, order fulfillment including consolidation, pick/packing, packaging reporting and analysis, dropshipping and virtual distribution, and more.

Health and Wellbeing

Healthcare supply chains pose unique challenges and are going through a highly disruptive period due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no room for compromise with freight management; with the urgency for receipt of supplies, and the required cold chain storage for medical efficacy.

Having worked with the Health industry for many years, we have seen the impacts of technological advances, business-to-consumer and omnichannel advancements, and growth of new markets has had on the sector and the growing need for a data-driven freight management system.

At Freight Controller, we can help you control your freight cost and service capabilities to streamline your operations, automate your supply chain, and monitor delivery performance. We have the logistics technology to deal with B2B, B2C Ecommerce, anywhere to anywhere freight that help you to keep all customers happy and grow your market share.

Retail, Consumer Goods, and Ecommerce

Whether you’re a small online shop or a giant national Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company distributing hundreds of pallets daily, you are no doubt feeling the pressures to meet high customer demands, find a greater competitive edge and explore new channels of distribution as a result of the digital revolution.

If you want your business to survive and thrive, you must create a roadmap to incorporate the technological capability to streamline your freight management. At Freight Controller, we know that speed, reliability, and security is key to your operations and have the systems to cope with this demand. Our TMS with easy returns and DIY online shopping platform integrations, and Ecom Order Fulfilment systems will provide the ultimate distribution management process needed to stay in front of your competitors. Our decades freight management expertise will guide you towards the best options for carrier performance and cost; including finding the best solutions for last mile and residential delivery.

3PL / 4PL

The 3PL industry is booming at the moment with the dramatic increase in eCommerce in recent years. For some, that’s best managed by tapping into the solutions of a 4PL that can oversee the 3PL, and the logistic requirements. 4PLs with the right logistics technology can also assist larger retailers and distributors with: order fulfillment; last mile delivery, click & collect; and selecting the closest store, or warehouse for timely delivery.

Moving from a fledgling online shopping business dealing with low volume shipping that can be easily stored to one with order volume levels requiring warehousing is not always easy. Outsourcing to a 3PL is the best way to manage this transition. We have the 3PL network, the technology, and the inbound/outbound freight management services to optimise your logistics operations.

Our TMS system can assist with Imports, Exports, Anywhere to Anywhere freight, along with the logistical issues of Inventory control, pick packing and packaging. A 4PL solution can also assist larger companies with their logistics solutions, overseeing multiple warehouses, both internally managed and managed by 3PL, along with supplier / vendor, store and online order platforms: B2B & B2C.

3PLs also enjoy the systems smarts and competitive rates that we can provide for them in a turnkey freight management solution. Focus on the daily logistics activities while we automate, report and advise on the overall distribution management: Inbound & Outbound.

Fast-moving Consumer Goods and Consumer Packaged Goods

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies are the powerhouses of our economy and keep Australia moving. Dealing with a wide range of external issues, including weather, government legislation, strikes and now a pandemic, as well as internal operational issues, you are under constant pressure to do more with less.

We have worked closely with many businesses in these industries to strengthen their freight management capability to reduce freight costs, while optimising their distribution, helping them plan for contingencies, automate processes through our TMS & Ecom systems, and align their strategies via Business Intelligence Reporting.

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