Transport Management System

Do you need an online shipping platform that connects with your shopping carts?

Transform Your Logistics with Our Premier TMS System

Unlock Seamless Shipping Automation with Pay-as-you-Go, Software-as-a-Service Transport Management Software

In today’s fast-paced logistics landscape, Freight Controller rises above the rest, offering Australia’s most advanced transport management software. Tailored to businesses both big and small, our software stands out by covering every spectrum of shipping, from domestic to international parcel freight.

Our online multi carrier shipping system: 2Ship, simplifies your carrier choices, tracking and reporting within the one user-friendly system.

Providing cost effective shipping via BYO rates and / or our rates. This will place you firmly in control of your distribution outcomes.

Why Choose Freight Controller's Transport Management Software Australia?

Cost-Effective & Efficient – Our Pay-as-you-Go model ensures you only pay for what you use, while our Software-as-a-Service approach guarantees seamless updates and top-notch support.

Comprehensive Coverage – We’ve got you covered, whether it’s domestic or international, with all-inclusive parcel freight options.

Flexibility in Rates – Use your own rates, or access ours. Compare in real-time to select the cheapest, fastest, or most reliable delivery options based on SLAs.

Intuitive DIY Wizard – Easily integrate our TMS system with your online shopping systems through our user-friendly DIY Wizard.

Feature-Rich Software – From specialised inventory management and order fulfilment features to sophisticated returns options, our software is designed to cater to all your logistics needs.

Centralised Tracking & Alerts – Stay informed at all times with centralised tracking. Our multiple eAlert options ensure that you and your customers are always in the know about your shipments’ whereabouts. 


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Want to find out how you can simplify and streamline your freight management?

Book your free freight review consultation and online demonstration today to see how you can leverage our bespoke in-house Carrier Check system, proven processes, and decades of industry insight to improve your freight management.

Experience the Future of Transportation Management Software

Every shipment, every route, and every decision matters in logistics. That’s why, at Freight Controller, we can provide customers with transportation management software that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Dive into a world of precision, efficiency, and innovation, where every logistical challenge meets a solution.


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