Freight Tender and Review

You can almost always be getting a better deal.

Are you really getting the best deal on your freight?

If there is one thing we’ve learned from 40 years in the freight and logistics industry, it’s this – you can almost always be getting a better deal. The challenge is, on your own, you don’t know who the best carriers are for your freight needs, and with a broker, you don’t know if they are entirely independent.

So, how then do you find out if you are really getting the best deal on your freight? It starts with a 100% independent and transparent freight review.

What will we find in your complimentary, no-obligation, preliminary freight review?

Working on a shared savings model – so no risk to you – we review your historical data; three months (sometimes more) to establish your freight profile. We then audit for gaps in your current carriers, benchmark your rates, and identify other suitable carriers to compare. Then we get negotiating on your behalf.

While every business is different, experience shows us that you can often improve your costs anywhere between 5-30% with our Freight Review.

A freight management process aligned to your freight profile

With over 40 years of experience in the freight and logistics industries, we’ve developed a data-driven freight management process tailored to every customer’s individual freight profile.

“Freight Controller’s predictive modelling and analysis reporting via their technology-based freight review process led to a 25% reduction in our parcel distribution costs and a 35% reduction to our pallet freight.”
Carl Homes
Charles Parsons Group

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