Freight Enquiry and Delivery Status

Our Carrier Check modules for improved performance will impress your customers.

Carrier Check - Freight Enquiry

Our Freight Enquiry Solution Uses:
This can be:

Our expert customer service team

We truly have a team of experts working for us here in our Melbourne office, with the average team member having more than 10 years experience in the transport industry.

Our expertise spans all 4 modes of transport, and wide-ranging industries such as FMCG, Automotive, Textiles, Retail, Building & Construction.

Outsourcing to a streamlined, automated system provides a productivity boost that can reduce your internal headcount, or enable redeployment of staff to core tasks.

Outsourcing to the company that has over 40 years’ experience managing our customers’ freight enquiries accommodates your growth whilst reducing your costs in this important part of your business.

Delivery Status System

Our Delivery Status System uses API plug ins to Australia’s top transport companies, enabling us to capture in real time the hard data on their transportation scanning events. From this our customer service team can see the tracking details on your consignments across all carriers in the one system: those delivered on time, those a day late, and 2+ days late, etc.

Access a portal to view data at the consignment level; log in to view your interactive Dashboard; or download a DIFOT report for your team. Our system empowers you to assess whether the carriers are hitting their SLA performance KPIs and incorporate this data with any future freight reviews.

Carriers in the Delivery Status System

If you don’t see your carrier here please contact us to discuss how they can be added.

Want to find out how you can simplify and streamline your freight management?

Book your free freight review consultation and online demonstration today to see how you can leverage our bespoke in-house Carrier Check system, proven processes, and decades of industry insight to improve your freight management.
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