Ecommerce Shipping Solutions in Australia

Our value-add Inventory Management & Order Fulfillment system.

Revolutionise Your Ecommerce Delivery Service with our State-of-the-Art Shipping Platform

In the ever-evolving realm of ecommerce, both emerging online retailers and established distribution giants find themselves in need of agile, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. Freight Controller understands these demands and delivers ecommerce shipping solutions tailored for Australian businesses, whether B2B or B2C.

Our new Ecommerce Shipping platform helps online retailers and distribution companies, both small and large, adapt to the rapidly changing demands for speedy, flexible, cost-effective order fulfilment.

The system can be used across all locations, webstores, and markets for B2B & B2C. Our system can be an Ecommerce Management System, an Inventory Management System, and a Transport Management System, all rolled into one!

Key Features of our Ecommerce Shipping Solutions Australia:

Ecommerce Management System


Order Fulfillment System

Inventory Management System

Transport Management System


Read more about our TMS system: 2Ship

Why Freight Controller’s Ecommerce Shipping Solutions?

Comprehensive Ecommerce Delivery Coverage

Whether you’re in one of Australia’s bustling cities or a regional location, we ensure that your ecommerce delivery reaches every corner of Australia with precision and timeliness.

Seamless Integration Across All Ecommerce Platforms

Our shipping platform integrates effortlessly with popular e-commerce platforms, ensuring a smooth transition and efficient operations.
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A Multi-faceted Shipping Solution

With Freight Controller, you don’t just get a shipping solution; you get an end-to-end e-commerce management system, an inventory manager, and a transport management powerhouse – all in one package.

Excellence in Ecommerce Shipping Solutions

In a digital era where shipping and delivery become the heartbeat of e-commerce, stand out with a trusted partner by your side. Choose excellence with your e-commerce delivery in Australia. Connect with Freight Controller and let us show you how to develop a streamlined and optimised shipping solution for your business.

Explore Our Range of Services

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TMS System

Our Transport Management System (TMS) offers a seamless experience, simplifying scheduling, navigating multiple carriers, online store connections and returns management to ensure timely and cost-effective deliveries.

Freight Management

Entrust your logistics operations to experts with decades of experience. Our holistic freight management service ensures that every aspect of your shipping needs is covered, from planning to execution.

Tender Review

Stay ahead in the competitive market with our data-driven tender review service. Make informed decisions, optimise costs, and secure the best contracts for your business needs.
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