Integrated, tailored software platforms for full visibility and control
    Integrated platforms, customised distribution systems; full control
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    Explore the main features that can enhance the delivery & POD management for shippers, carriers, and regional agents
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Freight Management Services

Combining in-house & client-based Supply Chain software systems, with our friendly, experienced team to provide customised solutions for optimising your freight management.

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Freight Management Software

Australia's most sophisticated, independent multi-carrier Dispatching & Freight Management Software system for automating and managing your dispatch requirements.

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Warehouse Management System

A real time, paperless, Warehouse Management Software system utilising Bar Code & Scanning to control all ingoing & outgoing items in your warehouse.

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Carrier Software Systems

From importing client consignments through to POD management with mobile phone Sign on Glass technology for multiple carriers for the on-forwarder.

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Our turnkey, end-to-end, freight management solutions combines our:

  • custom built in-house freight analysis systems
  • with our client-based Freight Management Software systems
  • our I.P. distribution solutions
  • our Warehouse Management solutions with real time, paperless inventory management
  • our data management services such as Carrier Invoice Reconciliation & DIFOT
  • our Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Sign on Glass & Delivery App for POD Management

To provide you with a tailored, smart system that seamlessly integrates and optimises your warehouse, freight, and freight customer service processes to transform your supply chain departments from cost centres to profit centres; enabling you to reinvest in market growth and to focus on your core business tasks.

Seamless, smart, warehouse & freight management solutions for full control of all incoming & outgoing freight

Check the health of your freight

Check the health of your freight with our analytical software systems and reporting.

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How We Work

Work Process

As a general rule, when we meet with new clients, our process for tailoring a solution for your business will follow the below steps. We aim to help you not only with your stated goals & objectives, but to provide advice on opportunities you might not yet be aware of that will assist you in modernising your business, bringing all divisions together for clear visibility across your supply chain and turning your freight department from a cost to a profit centre.
  • 01
    Freight Review

    Review your freight data to help us get to know your current freight profile set up.

  • 02
    Benchmark Rates

    Import freight data into our in-house system to benchmark against industry standards.

  • 03
    Comparative Analysis

    Run comparison reports of incumbent and analyst selected carriers; including using new services where advantageous.

  • 04

    Report to you on results of analysis using our in-house comparison report "what if" analysis based on your historical freight data.

  • 05

    Carrier selection; negotiation & implementation (often including freight software).

  • 06
    Continuous Improvement

    Regular reviews enable us to modify strategy per evolving business needs/growth.

What They Say


  • "We have saved around 10% of our freight costs, since signing on with Freight Controller 12 months ago, and we are confident that there are more improvements and cost savings to come. I don't have to worry about managing our carriers anymore. I know I can trust Freight Controller to do this while we get on with the day-to-day operations. I would highly recommend Freight Controller's services to anyone who wants to grow their business while saving money."

    Mr Garry Wilkins, Managing Director, Baldwin Filters Australia

  • "We have used Freight Controller's system to dispatch our cargo for many years now and have found it be very reliable and user friendly. Since upgrading we have noticed a significant increase in the speed of the program and use it daily to estimate our freight cost and streamline our dispatch process."

    Mr Milton Brownrigg, Warehouse Manager, Pro Quip Pty Ltd

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