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Do you have real-time end-to-end freight visibility?

Are you getting orders to the right place on time for a competitive price? Or are inefficiencies and a lack of visibility across your freight costing you time, money, and your reputation?

Combining 40 plus years of industry know-how and world-leading technology, Freight Controller helps you simplify and automate your freight management. With access to your data in real-time, you can reduce costs, improve delivery performance, enhance your customer experience, and confidently manage your freight.

Cost savings – guaranteed.

Knowing the savings that come when you are using our solutions to control your freight, we absorb the risk for you by guaranteeing that you will save at least two times the cost of your subscription – or your money back.

Easily control your data, distribution systems, carrier performance, and freight spend

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How to Successfully Overcome Delivery Delays

While we would all like to get back to a time when delivery delays were generally within acceptable parameters, since COVID 19 there have been significant disruptions to global supply chains, which then affect local distribution leading to many delayed deliveries and uncertainties around timeframes. COVID 19 caused lockdowns around

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