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Do you have real-time end-to-end freight visibility?

Freight Controller brings over 40 years of unparalleled experience in managing the distribution requirements for a diverse client base across Australia. Whether you’re a small business operating out of a single location or a global giant with hundreds of locations, our freight management software is meticulously designed to meet your specific needs. 

We’re proud to serve a wide array of industries, including Automotive, CGS, Construction, FMCG, Machinery, Mining, Retail, Textiles, and many more, across all carrier modes and services for transporting goods. Experience the power of seamless and effective freight logistics software solutions today.

Are you getting orders to the right place on time for a competitive price? Or are inefficiencies and a lack of visibility across your freight costing you time, money, and your reputation?

Freight Controller helps you simplify and automate your freight management. With access to your data in real-time, you can reduce costs, improve delivery performance, enhance your customer experience, and confidently manage your freight.

Cost savings – guaranteed.

Knowing the savings that come when you are using our solutions to control your freight, we absorb the risk for you by guaranteeing that you will save at least two times the cost of your subscription – or your money back.

Easily control your data, distribution systems, carrier performance, and freight spend

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Insights and Case Studies

What is Last Mile Delivery? Everything You Need to Know

Last mile delivery is the final step in the delivery process, the point at which goods finally reach their destination — the customer’s doorstep. It’s an essential and often the most challenging part of the logistics chain, especially in a vast and varied landscape like Australia. Here, we’ll explore what

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Managing a Core Carrier Program

In this article we explore why Core Carrier Programs have been implemented by some of the larger retail organisations in Australia and how you can still manage and control your freight as a vendor working with a Core Carrier Program.

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Client Testimonials

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Why Choose Freight Controller For Freight Management Software?

Four Decades of Expertise

Leverage our industry knowledge and experience of over 40 years to optimise your logistics operations.

Unparalleled Versatility

Our client base ranges from single-location operations to multinational giants across numerous industries, proving our software’s versatility and effectiveness.

Comprehensive Carrier Modes & Services

We support all carrier modes and services to ensure the smooth transportation of goods, making us your one-stop freight software solutions provider.
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Take Control of Your Freight Operations with Our Freight Software Solutions

Don’t leave your logistics to chance; choose a partner with proven reliability, versatility, and over four decades of industry-leading experience. At Freight Controller, we’re committed to driving your success with our robust and customised freight management software solutions. Whether you’re a small business or a global conglomerate, in automotive or retail, we’ve got the perfect software solution to meet your unique freight logistics needs. 

Contact us today for a free freight consultation or a demo and witness firsthand why we’re the future of freight management in Australia.


Explore Our Freight Management Software Solutions

E-Commerce Shipping Solutions Australia

Navigate the complexities of e-commerce logistics with ease. Our tailored solutions are designed to handle every aspect of online shipping, ensuring your goods reach your customers on time, every time.

Transport Management System

Optimise your end-to-end logistics with our robust Transport Management System. Streamline scheduling, route planning, and real-time tracking to boost efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Freight Management Service

Beyond software, we offer comprehensive freight management services to guide and support your operations. Benefit from our 40+ years of expertise and let us help you manage your entire freight lifecycle.

Transport Tenders

Are you certain you’re securing the best deal or method for your freight? With four decades in the freight and logistics sector, we’ve discerned a consistent truth – there’s often room for a better deal or potential to gain crucial time back with streamlined processes. Let’s work together to help you get the best possible outcome for your business.

Explore the full suite of solutions we offer and find out how Freight Controller can elevate your logistics operations to the next level.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Freight Controller offers more than just software; we bring over 40 years of industry expertise to the table. Our freight management software is versatile enough to serve businesses of all sizes and across various industries. From comprehensive features like freight scheduling and route optimization to specialised solutions like e-commerce shipping and transport tenders, our software covers all aspects of freight and logistics.

While our primary focus is on delivering the most effective freight management software Australia has to offer, we do have capabilities to serve international clients. Please contact us for more details on how we can meet your specific global logistics needs.

Our freight software solutions are designed for seamless integration with your existing systems. We offer robust APIs and technical support to ensure a smooth implementation process. Contact us for a consultation to discuss your specific integration requirements.

Yes, our freight management software can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of various industries. Whether you’re in Automotive, FMCG, Mining, or any other industry, we offer customizations that align with your specific logistics and freight management needs.

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