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Bring transparency to your freight management for greater productivity, profitability, and performance.

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In the intricate world of logistics, Freight Controller is Australia’s go-to destination for central freight management services. We offer a holistic approach, ensuring that every consignment or shipment, no matter how big or small, is managed with precision, efficiency, and a vision for cost-effectiveness.

Are freight inefficiencies hurting your bottom line?

Rising freight costs

Are growing freight costs quickly eroding your sales margins?

Subpar carrier performance

Are you losing customers due to lost, damaged or delayed freight?

A lack of time or data for reviews

Are you struggling to find the time or data needed to effectively review carriers?

Get complete visibility
across all your freight data

across all your freight data

With the transport and logistics industry becoming increasingly complex, you need greater visibility across your freight to stay competitive. Too often, a lack of visibility can be hiding inefficiencies, cost savings and improvements that can dramatically improve your business performance and customer experience. With Freight Controller’s Freight Management Services, you gain the processes, system smarts and extensive industry expertise to simplify and automate your freight management processes for greater efficiency and sustainable business growth.

Better manage your freight through end-to-end visibility for a higher level of control to ensure you continuously reduce costs, improve delivery performance, and enhance your customer experience.

Data-driven freight management services

With Freight Controller’s Freight Management, you get:
Customised Carrier Solutions

Experience a bespoke and optimised carrier distribution solution, ensuring that your goods always reach their destination through the most efficient routes.

Accurate Freight Profiling

Stay ahead with a current and precise freight profile, benchmarked consistently against industry standards, ensuring you have an in-depth understanding of your current freight profile.

Advanced Reporting with Interactive Dashboards

Gain insights at a glance with our interactive dashboards, offering comprehensive reporting on all essential freight KPIs.

Future-Proof Data Warehousing

Benefit from our robust data warehousing, ensuring you’re always ready for future reports and trend analyses that can redefine your logistics strategies.

Predictive Modelling with Freight Tender Review Analysis

Harness the power of predictive modelling through our detailed freight tender review analysis, ensuring you’re always a step ahead in your logistics game.

Comprehensive Freight Auditing

Say goodbye to carrier overcharges. Our meticulous freight auditing ensures that you pay exactly what you should, not a penny more.

Economical Shipment Matching

With our freight management service, you have the autonomy to select the most economical and best-suited service for each consignment, ensuring both cost-effectiveness and quality delivery.

Drive growth and efficiency with
greater freight transparency

Freight review
Freight Review

Forecast against historical freight data for precise outcomes. This is a great place to start to check the health of your freight processes and rates.

Freight Auditing

Clean and maintain your freight data with software automation and expert analysis, highlighting overcharges to ensure you only pay what you should.

Freight business intelligence
Freight B.I. Reporting

Access a range of reports that provide actionable insights into your business using stackable graphs and charts on your own interactive dashboards.

Want to find out how you can simplify and streamline your freight management?

Book your free freight review consultation and online demonstration today to see how you can leverage our bespoke in-house Carrier Check system, proven processes, and decades of industry insight to improve your freight management.

Embark on a Journey of Effective Freight Management

In the dynamic world of freight management in Australia, choosing the right partner can make all the difference. At Freight Controller, we combine expertise, technology, and a customer-centric approach to provide quality freight management services.

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