Carrier Check

Carrier Check is a modern, cloud-based system built to assist with monitoring and controlling your freight.

Carrier Check is a modern, cloud-based system built to assist with monitoring and controlling your freight.

It is our back-of-office system, supporting the freight management services that we provide to optimise your freight.

It also includes Dashboard reporting to provide you with visibility and transparency for best practice decision making.
Carrier Check is part of a solution designed by a team with over 40 years’ experience managing freight.

There are three pillars to Carrier Check:

These three pillars provide a strong foundation that we build upon for our freight analytics tools that provide guidance to your team when optimising your freight processes for spend, service and performance.

Consignment / Invoice Reconciliation

Manifest Data from your dispatching system and your weekly invoice(s) are imported into our Reconciliation Engine. This system houses your current contractual rate cards with your carrier(s). The three sets of data are cross verified for any invoice pricing errors, and a report is created with credit note potentials highlighted.

The Reconciled data is also sent to our Business Intelligence System: Freight Cost & Activity. Logistics executives can log in at any time to filter the data and download reports. Our Logistics team also monitors the data for any actionable insights to share with your team.

Freight Enquiry

Our Freight Customer Service System has been built to support our Customer Service team in managing your freight enquiries. The system enables customers to lodge ticketed freight enquiries.

A team member is assigned to the query who gathers the requisite information, or performs the appropriate work tasks, and then communicates to the customer the information and outcomes of the query. The appropriate milestones for the type of query are tracked in the system to the point of resolution. Milestones have time limits as per the SLAs we have with our customers to ensure efficient processing of the ticketed queries.

The freight query types include: Bookings, ETA, Lost / Damaged freight, PODs.

The freight enquiries can be monitored by you via the Freight Enquiry Dashboard, providing visibility on our customer service team’s efficiency and effectiveness in resolving queries, as well as crucial data on all carriers performance. Data on Location Site queries and Customer / Receiver Queries is visible as well.


Delivery Status

Providing live Delivery Status Events and live PODs via API connections with carriers, that can be filtered by delivery type e.g., ATL, by Agent, etc., as well as Carrier, location and receiver Delivery Status ensures that you can access independent, real-time data on carrier performance.

Delivery Status comes with its own Dashboard that you team can access to support dialogue with both customers and carriers on the successful delivery of your goods.

This pillar closes the loop in our Carrier Check System for optimising your freight: covering cost, service levels and carrier performance for holistic visibility and control.

Carrier Check puts you in the driver’s seat for managing your freight

...enabling you to proactively deal with any issues as, (or even before), they arise to keep your costs down and your customers happy.
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