Embedded Delivery Tracking for Customers and Shippers

How does 2Ship’s ability to embed order / shipment tracking into your website you and your customer?

Embedded Delivery Tracking Benefits for Customers

Ecommerce businesses can now bid farewell to the tedious task of managing multiple carrier websites for tracking shipments.  

The 2Ship platform acts as a centralised hub, consolidating tracking information from all carriers in one place. This streamlines the tracking process, saving time and effort for your customers.  

By integrating with all major carriers, 2Ship ensures that businesses can track orders regardless of the carrier used. Whether it’s FedEx, StarTrack, DHL, or any other shipping service, the platform aggregates all tracking details, providing a unified view of shipment status.  

This eliminates the need for your customers to switch between different carrier websites or systems, simplifying operations for customers to find their order status in one location. 

Package Content Details

2Ship also offers the option to display the contents of the customer order within the tracking page on your web site.  This means that not only can your customer quickly find the location and or status of their order, then can also check what items (SKUs) have been picked and dispatched. This provides the customer with greater certainty knowing exactly what has been shipped, by which carrier and service, and when it is likely to arrive, thereby enhancing the customer experience. 

Embedded Delivery Tracking Benefits for Shippers

Those are great benefits for your customer, but what about you, the shipper, how does this help you? 

Customer Engagement

The 2Ship platform’s innovative feature of embedding the tracking page into your own web store or website presents an opportunity for businesses to enhance customer engagement and improve sales. By bringing the customer back to your web site and not sending them off to various carrier sites you can take this opportunity to market or promote additional products and incentives to boost sales and loyalty. We all know that if you make it easy for your customer, they will keep coming back to you and not your competitors. 

Customer Service Productivity

Traditionally shippers have their customers call into their service teams or email them with queries about the status of their order. By making it easy for the customers to locate their order status themselves, you, the shipper can reduce the number of routine queries or calls into your call centres, thereby boosting staff productivity. 

As you can see 2Ship has created a win-win outcome for both you the shipper and your customer by automatically embedding the order status and all events into your web site. If you would like to implement this innovation into your shipping process, then let us know and we’d be happy to make it happen.  

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