Katana Integration with 2Ship

We are pleased to let you know about our Katana integration with 2Ship. Katana is a cloud-based MRP software platform that is becoming popular with small to medium sized businesses is Katana.  This software is focused on assisting small to medium size businesses control their manufacturing processes by controlling sales orders, purchase orders, inventory of finished products and raw materials all in one software solution. Businesses that make to order or make to stock can use Katana to improve their manufacturing control and productivity.

Connection and Integration

One of the major trends for the promotion of profitable growth is to connect cloud-based software platforms to develop automated processes to improve efficiency, reduce duplication and thereby improve the service outcomes for all parties.  2Ship, along with Katana, has invested the necessary time and expertise to develop an integration between Katana and 2Ship, via their APIs.  This means that connecting the two systems is very quick and easy.  Once you have your Katana credentials you can use the 2Ship Connection inside 2Ship to quickly connect the two systems and turn the order flow on. Please refer to the Katana website for specific instructions, or reach out to our support staff to via email or chat.

How does the Connection work?

The connection between Katana and 2Ship is a push-based process.  Once a connection has been made to Katana, orders are pushed into the 2Ship’s on hold queue. In Katana you can push the sales orders to 2Ship when they are marked as packed, or when first created.  Once the order has been pushed to 2Ship, simply go to the 2Ship on hold screen and you will see the Katana orders here.

Orders from Katana will have the sender, recipient and shipping contents populated.  The operator can now open the order in the 2Ship on hold screen, add the package weight and dimensions and ask 2Ship to display the various carrier options for shipping that package(s).  2Ship will rank the carriers’ estimates by cheapest or fastest delivered.  Simply select the carrier option that suits you and ship the package and a label will print out.  (Please note that if you have amended any contents or address data in 2Ship after it has been imported from Katana it is not automatically currently synched back to Katana).

The carriers in the 2Ship system can either be your current carriers or ours, or a combination of both. Freight Controller and 2Ship have worked with the top tier carriers in Australian to embed them within 2Ship.

Once the operator has shipped the package(s) in 2Ship, Katana will be automatically updated with:

  • The shipment tracking number.
  • A tracking URL link so that you can click on this link from within Katana to track the shipment.

In Katana the sales order status is also automatically updated to Delivered.


Connecting 2Ship to Katana allows you to easily push orders from Katana to 2Ship, as well as update Katana automatically once the order has been shipped.  This means small to medium businesses now have a powerful and simple solution for supporting your manufacturing and shipping process in one easy to use connected software solution. If you would like to find out more about this solution, please contact us and we’d be happy to help. As the Australian agents for 2Ship, we will be happy to walk you through how easy it is to connect these two powerful platforms and grow your business.

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