MYOB Advanced Integration with 2Ship

MYOB Advanced Business is a popular cloud-based ERP system developed and supported in Australia and New Zealand. We are excited to announce that our Transport Management System: 2Ship has an API integration with MYOB Advanced.

MYOB Advanced Business has features that assist organisations with managing their financials, customers, and projects all in the one system. MYOB Advanced has an Inventory Management System that assists the warehouse & logistics divisions with managing their inventory in real-time across multiple sites.


A MYOB Advanced integration with our cloud-based TMS 2Ship enables your organisation to automate the shipping process, seamlessly connecting the two systems to optimise your order fulfillment and distribution. 2Ship has invested the time and resources to develop an API integration so that you can now push shipping information to and from MYOB Advance in real time, using web hooks.

As an API integration, once your shipment is open in MYOB, the shipment data is pushed to 2Ship and into the order queue. Simply add the package weight and dimensions (when applicable) and use 2Ship’s system smarts to help you select the right carrier via cost or delivery timeframes.

2Ship can be pre-loaded with your package dimensions and weight data and can automatically generate the packaging labels and shipping weight information from your order contents that are pushed into 2Ship.

2Ship will send the data to the nominated carrier and produce a carrier compliant label to print.

Data Export

Once the operator has shipped the package(s) in 2Ship, MYOB will be automatically updated with fields such as:

  • The Shipment Tracking number
  • Carrier Name
  • Shipment’s Cost Estimate
  • A Tracking URL Link so you can click on this link within MYOB to track the Shipment.

An Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) with your branding can be automatically generated and sent to your recipient with the order contents. In MYOB, the shipment status can be automatically updated to delivered assuming your carrier can provide 2Ship with live tracking event data.

Sophisticated MYOB Advanced Integration with 2Ship

For those shippers who wish to go beyond the standard integration and take advantage of the full suite of APIs that 2Ship provides an even more sophisticated integration can be developed.

This MYOB Advanced integration means that shipping organisations now have a powerful and integrated solution for supporting their warehouse and freight processes.

If you would like to learn more about our MYOB Advanced integration then please contact us and we would be delighted to assist you. As the Australian agents for 2Ship, we will be happy to demonstrate the capabilities of 2Ship and walk you through how you can automate and scale your business.

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