Parker Hannifin Australia adopts 2Ship

2Ship implemented to help Parker’s customers get more value from the Parker Portal

Parker Hannifin

Parker Hannifin Australia is part of the Parker Corporation, which is a large engineering organisation with a Head Office in the USA, operating globally with a whole range of industrial and mechanical products such as hoses, actuators, filters etc.  

Parker Hannifin & Freight Controller Partnership

Back in 2018, Freight Controller conducted a national Freight Review and, in addition to new carriers Freight Controller introduced the concept of a Freight Management Software system to Parker Hannifin Australia for the purpose of streamlining their carriers and taking advantage of the tools of an independent, multi-carrier freight management technology.  This review, along with the software, allowed Parker Hannifin to generate significant annual savings in their freight expenditure as well as improve productivity in their dispatch and customer service process. 

New improved Freight Management Software – 2Ship

Now several years on Freight Controller has again gone to the next level by introducing a new freight management platform – 2Ship – to Parker Hannifin Australia. Apart from now allowing both domestic and international shipments via API based carriers, on the one platform, 2Ship is a perfect accompaniment to the rollout of Parker Hannifin’s new software solution – MyParker. 


MyParker is a software portal that Parker Hannifin has introduced to its customers and allows their customers to search for and find many details about the orders that Parker is processing.  Parker’s customers can login and view their order status using their reference/order numbers and, an important part of this process is to determine if and, when the order has been picked, packed and shipped.   

2Ship & JD Edwards Integration

Currently 2Ship pushes back to JD Edwards some shipment details including the master tracking numbers (consignment number).  This allows for the synching of the customer’s reference number and the shipping information. Parker’s customer can then track the shipment by clicking on the link that opens the 2Ship tracking page to view the live transit or delivery status of the shipped order via Parker’s carriers. 

MyParker is available globally and keeps Parker’s customers fully informed about the status of their orders and when they will receive their items. 

2Ship System Smarts

In addition to enhancing the MyParker experience, 2Ship allows Parker Hannifin to effortlessly select the least cost carrier / carrier service or the fastest delivery option, or even compare the cost of shipping an order as loose cartons versus as a pallet via a bulk carrier.  Parker Hannifin have also found that using 2Ship they can also ship via a same day courier and compare the cost of shipping same day versus overnight and often find that they can ship via a courier on the same day at a lower cost than sending freight overnight. 

In stage two of this development Parker will automatically transfer orders directly from JD Edwards into 2Ship to improve productivity and potentially aggregate orders. 

If you are looking to streamline your shipping and provide a portal for your customers to easily check the status of their orders, then please reach out to our team and we will be happy to help. 

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