2Ship and Odoo Integration for Dynaweld

Dynaweld Industrial turns to 2Ship to automate its dispatch process

Dynaweld Industrial Supplies (Dynaweld) is a well-established and successful family business that distributes its industrial welding equipment and associated products through a network of independent outlets as well as some of the major hardware retailers in Australia.  Dynaweld’s Head Office and National Warehouse is located in Prestons NSW, but they also run a satellite warehouse in Perth WA to help service their WA customers with quick and personal service.

Perth Warehouse

Dynaweld have seen the Perth warehouse play a growing role in the distribution of their products.  To facilitate this expanded role and greater volume of shipments, Dynaweld’s CEO, Janelle Bulmer, has turned to Freight Controller and our multi-carrier Shipping System to streamline and automate the shipping process from their Perth warehouse.

2Ship and Odoo Integration

Several years ago, Dynaweld decided to turn to Odoo ERP software to operate their business including Inventory and Order Fulfilment.  Odoo is a cloud-based software portal from Europe that controls all aspects of the enterprise depending on the modules that are adopted. From Janelle’s point of view the key objective of adopting Freight Controller’s 2Ship as their shipping solution for the Perth warehouse was to integrate Odoo and 2Ship as a seamless and connected system for fulling and dispatching their orders.

Ship Within Odoo

Fortunately, 2Ship has a complete set of APIs that control almost all aspects of the software and therefore integrating with Odoo was a relatively straight forward process. Using the Live Rate and Create Shipment API, Dynaweld was able to quickly connect Odoo’s order output to 2Ship.

From within the Odoo delivery screen, the Dynaweld operator simply nominates shipping via 2Ship option and calls for a carrier rate. 2Ship provides a list of shipping cost estimates, along with the carrier’s name and service; ranking them from least to highest cost, and then the operator nominates the preferred option. 

From here the operator then ships the order from within Odoo; 2Ship passes the carrier label back to Odoo in real time, where it is stored and easily retrieved when required.  The shipment is automatically created in 2Ship and sits in the current list of shipments ready to be automatically closed and manifested at the end of the day. 

2Ship Reduces Costs, Eliminates Errors and Improves Productivity

Dynaweld’s operators don’t need to open 2Ship. The creation of the shipment can be completed entirely from within Odoo, thereby streamlining the process and simplifying any training requirements.  As 2Ship is connected to all the major carriers via API, and includes Shipment Surcharges, Dynaweld have found that the shipment estimated costs are very accurate, and allow them to consistently pick the best service and least cost carrier. 

Dynaweld have noticed that costs for shipments ex Perth have improved, with significantly less mistakes are being made, and the number of shipments being processed within a given day has improved significantly thereby allowing the Perth warehouse to become a crucial tool to help grow the business.

2Ship is User-Friendly for Operators and Developers

Ryan from the Perth warehouse has remarked how easy 2Ship is to operate and this is especially notable given that Ryan was relatively new to Dynaweld’s warehouse, and was not operating a computer-based shipping solution before he commenced working with 2Ship.

Further evidence of how easy 2Ship is to work with was that Dynaweld’s developers, once given access to 2Ship APIs, were able to go away to configure and test the integration without any interaction or assistance from Freight Controller’s staff.  They were just pointed in the right direction, and they completed the task in a matter of weeks. 

This should give other potential 2Ship users confidence that their developers can operate with a high level of autonomy in creating a customised integration.

Future Improvements to Unlock

Dynaweld has successfully integrated Odoo and 2Ship which has dramatically improved Perth’s warehouse agility and capabilities. This warehouse has now evolved into a key component of Dynaweld’s expanding distribution infrastructure, and should enable continued growth for the business. 

Since 2Ship has a complete set of APIs that extend well beyond just Live Rates and Create Shipments, Dynaweld has an extensive roadmap of potential features and capabilities that they can add to their integration. Greater sophistication and automation are available as required.

Freight Controller is proud that Dynaweld has shown their confidence in our ongoing partnership by implementing 2Ship upon our advice, and we look forward to further collaboration in the future with the Dynaweld team.

If you would like to achieve similar benefits as Dynaweld has with this successful integration project, please contact us to arrange a consultation.

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