• Cube, Weigh and Label Application System

    In today’s competitive and technologically advanced market it is imperative that warehouses and distribution centres take advantage of the systems available for increasing throughput whilst reducing costs via automation. That’s where a cube, weigh & label application system can make a positive impact for driving the growth of your business..

    • For medium – large distributors
    • Integrates with our Freight Management Software (FMS) system
    • Can be Integrated with any WMS/ERP system
    • Automatically weighs, measures and applies carrier compliant carton address labels;
    • For seamless processing of cartonised freight that dramatically improves your dispatching efficiency


    The Process

    The typical process for adding this system to your automated supply chain platform is as follows:

    • Carton is scanned on the conveyor belt as it moves past the Dimensioner
    • Dimensioner records dimensions: length, width, height
    • Carton is simultaneously weighed
    • Cube & weigh data is transferred to the FMS system
    • FMS system matches the item data to the order header data then the FMS system generates a carrier compliant label and exports it to the Label Applicator
    • Item label is printed and automatically applied to the carton as it rides the conveyor belt


    Carrier Invoice Reconciliation & BI Reporting

    Implementing a Dimensioner and Label Application system enables a best practice freight invoice reconciliation and Business Intelligence Reporting process by including charge weight data; eliminating your reliance on the carrier for this crucial information on freight costs and assisting with optimising your freight processes through more accurate reporting.

    • The system ensures a comprehensive invoice reconciliation process including charge weight calculation
    • An accurate reconciliation process ensures freight costing data is validated for your freight Business Intelligence Reports
    • Particularly reports on freight costing required for:
    • Budget forecasting; economical dispatching data via, state, zone, cost centre, group
    • Freight costs as % of sales, and Freight Recovery


    Efficiency Gains

    Apart from reducing freight costs via better decision making from accurate, comprehensive, ‘real time’ reporting, and ensuring you only pay for what you ship, the automated system provides huge productivity gains.

    • Automatic Label Applicator can apply up to 30 labels per 60 seconds subject to other conveyor and carton handling assumptions
    • Cartons can reach speeds of up to 3 metres per second
    • Dramatically increasing the number of items processed within your warehouse on an hour/daily basis
    • Increase throughput and/or reduce head count for time and money savings
    • Future proof your business for scalability goals



    Redundancy and Automation

    For an order throughput process that never need stop we can put in some redundancy measures for contingency planning.

    • Implement a minimum of two Label Applicator systems working in concert
    • Adjust ‘low level’ tolerance levels on number of labels left for cutting over to another applicator/roll/span>
    • Ensure maintenance can be undertaken without the need to shut down the system

  • To learn more about how this system might benefit your Order Dispatching and Carrier Invoice Reconciliation processes 

    please contact us for a consultation meeting on your requirements.