About Freight Controller

Our businesses have been operating in the Australian Domestic Freight Industry for 38 years across all modes of transport

At Freight Controller, we have a combined 60 plus years’ experience in the two executive team members, across hundreds of Industries. Our businesses have been operating in the Australian Domestic Freight & Warehousing Industries for 40 years, with a range of experience including Logistics Consulting, and Distribution Management in Sea, Road, Rail and Air services.

We were also amongst the first in Australia to enhance our freight management services with the technological advances that have come along during our rich history, and we now have accrued over 16 years’ experience in consulting and designing Freight Management Software (FMS) solutions for our clients.

Freight Controller harnesses the best of the expertise accrued and the benefit of our Research & Development efforts to provide you with innovative, technological solutions; along with our operational and business strategies. This synergistically combines to provide holistic, turnkey solutions. That is the value add platform we offer to you.

We have solutions for both small and large shippers; Import/Export; small retail to large distributors, depending on individual need. You might start with our SaaS Freight Management Software, (FMS), or utilise our outsourced transport management services.

We will work with you as your distribution management experts to tailor the solutions listed to your individual business freight, inventory and customer service needs. We can help you create a path to optimise your freight processes, with agile methodologies that enable a continuous improvement partnership between our team and yours.

All our services, software programs, and solutions are an investment in your business that enables a shift to viewing your transportation as a profit centre, not a cost centre. That is our goal; to provide you with our software systems, and outsourced services, so that you can cost effectively tap into our resources, and invest the money you save in transportation activities, into the growth of your business.

Think of our solutions as building blocks; the more you add, the closer you get to an optimised, best practice warehouse and freight management solution.

Our value-add solutions include:

Just like a trusted business advisor we stand with you side by side to ensure that your business benefits by purchasing your freight systems using the latest tools with best practice data analysis.
David Beach
David Beach, MBus Log Mgt,
Managing Director

Our Mission

We are passionate about solving the biggest problems in warehouse and freight management; helping shippers transform themselves through data-driven technology, and customised distribution systems, to make Australian businesses stronger and smarter.