B2B Enterprises

Increasing challenges and complexity in B2B Enterprise businesses’ distribution, customer service and warehouse requirements, along with the growing need to add ecommerce implementation, and ensuing new markets (i.e., B2C) leads larger shipping organisation’s looking outside to access the resources to complement their internal teams, and in particular, the technology and data analytics to assist with streamlining operations and ensuring optimal control and outcomes.

At Freight Controller, we have the freight and logistics technology, the solutions and expertise to assist with the evolving needs of B2B Enterprises.

Transport Management System

We know that you need a powerful, reliable, and efficient Transport Management System (TMS) for your shipping orders, that can:

The TMS can help save you money via:
Our TMS is comprehensive in its breadth of features to cover all larger organisations’ needs, such as:
Freight management services

Ecom Platform

Our Ecom Platform is for those with an Online B2B shopping website and / or those who want to pivot to pandemic-proof their business for:

The Ecom system integrates with our TMS and other platforms, as well of course as your online shopping websites and markets.
Ecom platform

Carrier Check – Business Intelligence

In order to stay competitive, you need to tap into resources that can ensure you’re optimising your freight. Tools such as our Carrier Check system which:

Provides the Business Intelligence Dashboard systems for:
Business intelligence reporting

Freight Management

We are solutions-oriented in our interactions with our larger customers; providing the expertise and systems that smooth over any operational issues as Enterprise companies move to modernise their processes.

Whether you’re looking for the technology to automate delivery from 100s of stores & warehouses, or to review your carrier network to optimise your freight (delivery performance and cost), we can tailor a solution for you.

Our data-driven freight management solutions use predictive modelling to ensure the most optimised outcome possible, (adhering to your goals), from your next Freight Tender.

We’ve helped many larger distribution organisations lower their freight costs by between 5-30% using our expertise and systems smarts. We offer a free, no obligation preliminary Freight Review to prove our capabilities upfront.

Contact us for a free consultation meeting to learn more about how our solutions can meet today’s challenges.

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