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Business Intelligence Dashboard Freight Controller

Business Intelligence Dashboard – Freight Costs & Activity 

Importing reconciled data from our Carrier Invoice Reconciliation Service our BI Dashboard provides improved visibility on your true freight costs. It also shows you what you are shipping, where to, etc., Nationally and by individual site location. Login to your dedicated, secure dashboard whenever you want to monitor your freight costs and activity via a real time, interactive MS Power BI Dashboard.

Providing massive amounts of data in easy to interpret tables and graphs, you can drilldown on any field in the dashboard to isolate any particular data of interest.

You can filter the data to create a specific report you want to highlight and download that report straight into a PowerPoint presentation or saved as a pdf.

Freight Cost & Activity Reports

The Dashboard Reports are organised by:
  • Warehouse Site Location: From
  • Reciever Location: To – ‘Primary Region’.
Within these parameters you can see:​

Freight Enquiry Reports

The Freight Enquiry Dashboard includes Ticketing Queries metrics such as:

Business Intelligence Dashboard – Freight Enquiry

Our Freight Customer Service solution is available to any shipping organisation that needs to outsource because of time and / or resource issues. Tap into our 40 years’ of expertise in managing freight queries such as PODs, for efficient, transparent customer service tasks.

The Freight Enquiry Dashboard is your window into how our Customer Service team is performing, as well as how your Carrier’s are performing with resolving issues, delivering on time and helping you increase your Customer Satisfaction capabilities.

Freight Enquiry Dashboard

Business Intelligence Dashboard – Delivery Status

Our Delivery Status system with Dashboard is a cutting-edge solution for the Australian Transport Market. Capturing real time hard data via API connection with first tier carriers, it provides you with independent and accurate data on Delivery Status KPIs. The Dashboard provices easy to interpret charts to show you exactly how well your carriers are performing in their commitments to you for safe and efficient delivery of your goods to your customers. This cloud-based system can be viewed anywhere – at the office or your laptop at home. 
We also provide a DIFOT (Direct In Full On Time) table report that you can view, and filter to prioritise metrics.  


Delivery Status Reports

The Dashboard has filters for reporting on:


Freight Data Warehousing

Your freight data becomes more valuable over time as builds upon your freight profile with fresh data every month. This warehoused data is then available to you and your team for further insights into your freight business costs and activity reports such as trending reports, for example: Year on Year reports.​

It is also available to be used for your next Freight Tender. Warehousing your data for 12 months, 2 or 3 years provides a wealth of data for the next Freight Review process that incorporates analytics of your freight profile and enables a benchmarking process. ​

The reconciled, cleansed data provided via our solution is rich and accurate and therefore can be used in our predictive modelling reports to provide you with a best practice RFP. ​

Carrier Check

The three BI Dashboards: Freight Costs & Activity and Freight Enquiry, and Delivery Status are modules of our back office Carrier Check System.

Freight Costs & Activity is part of our Freight Auditing & Carrier Invoice Reconciliation Carrier Check system.

Freight Enquiry is part of our outsourced Customer Service System.

Delivery Status combines Carrier Check con note data and scanning events from carrier APIs to provide independent data.

Freight Management Turnkey Solutions

Incorporating our range of freight management solutions: ​

provides you with a turnkey solution that streamlines your freight processes and optimises your freight spend. Our System smarts and expert team partner smooths out the complexity of your business, enabling you to focus on your core tasks, and your customers. ​