Case study: Brown & Watson International

Brown & Watson International

Brown & Watson International, (whose brands include Narva), is a valued customer of over 5 years in the Automotive Parts industry.

Based in Scoresby, Melbourne, using our TMS system on a manual basis for several years.

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With high growth goals we worked with them to integrate our TMS system with their Pronto system and to implement a Cube, Weigh and Automatic Label Application system.

“Our automatic Dimensioner, Label Applicator and FMS System from Freight Controller saves our warehouse team from manually keying 200+ consignments a day, customers' orderw are automatically weighed and measured, consignment and shipping labels applied. This allows us to redeploy our staff to where they are most needed The biggest benefit has been a happy warehouse team, not having to work late into the evening to manually key consignments and we are able to dispatch a customer's order faster and more efficiently.”
Phillip Dixon
Logistics Systems Manager

Cube, Weigh, & Label Applicator System integrated with FMS System

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