Freight Management Software

Explore the main features that will enhance your freight management processes

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Multi-Carrier Dispatcher

Take back control of your freight with the ability to add or swap carriers at will.

  • Carrier compliant labels & EDI for all major carriers with hundreds of carriers listed in the system
  • Consignment cost estimate for all your carriers
  • Eliminate the hassle of retraining staff when you want to change carriers
  • Gain peace of mind adding a carrier for risk mitigation
  • Create competitive tension by effortlessly processing orders without swapping between systems for cost estimate comparisons

Centralised Tracking; ASN

Track n’ Trace consignments through the one system, regardless of which location it was sent from and by which carrier. No more searching through various carrier websites to find who has your customer’s order.

  • Search by carrier name, con note number, order or job reference, location (for multiple warehouse sites), etc.
  • Online Status button takes you straight to the carrier delivery status page for the consignment
  • Customer service staff can search for consignment status quickly and easily leaving your warehouse staff free to complete their core activities
  • Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) automatically sent to your clients as a branded HTML email that has a delivery status link
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Least Cost Carrier Selection

Least cost carrier selection for economical carrier decision making that typically reduces freight costs by 20%. Feel confident in adding new and varied carriers as the system can do the heavy lifting when deciding which carrier to use for every single consignment.

  • Choose from amongst your carriers (with your rate cards) built into your system
  • Displaying price comparison results for individual consignments within a second
  • The system highlights the most economical carrier; but enables you to select from the range of carriers based on estimated delivery timeframes
  • Freight Estimator tool enables sales & customer service to estimate consignment costs prior to processing order through the warehouse

Saas; Server Hosting

From SaaS, to on premise server; for one warehouse, to hundreds; we have a solution to cater for all dispatching needs. We consult to tailor the system to create the best solution to your individual requirements.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) for the smaller shipper
  • On-premise server solutions
  • 3rd party cloud server
  • Our SQL database can manage multiple warehouses/stores/users on the one central database
  • Access a central database for an overview, and to merge data for reporting & analysis, from all sites, and for centralised Track n’ Trace
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Drop Shipping

Set up your supplier, factory, wholesaler, 3PL with an application to drop ship on your behalf; enabling you to save on warehouse space and resources, and offer a wider range of products.

  • Your supplier, (national or overseas), can create your consignments complete with label
  • Consignments can be crossed docked at carrier’s distribution centre, bypassing your warehouse to the end client
  • Our central database allows you to oversee and manage their activities
  • We have expertise in setting up the carrier distribution solutions (including B2C)

Supply Chain Integrations

Establish further automation through integration with ERP or WMS systems. From an “order header”, through to full automation, this will save at least 1-2 minutes in processing each order, whilst reducing human error that leads to lost freight.

  • Eliminates the need to use IT resources to re-integrate if you change carriers
  • We have expertise in supply chain integration project management
  • Integrate with e-commerce platforms, Barcode & Scanning systems, ERP. WMS
  • Plug ins, mapping to database, 3rd party cloud servers, via SaaS models, polling servers
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POD / Inventory Management

For those with multiple branches, stores or warehouses we offer internal transfer POD Management independent of the carrier. Improve your Returns and store-to-store inventory management and enable a POD reconciliation that is independent of the Carriers’ information.

  • Your supplier, (national or overseas), can create your consignments complete with label
  • The store receiving the item is sent the data
  • Scan to a new warehouse upon arrival and update delivery date
  • Scan at arrival to store/branch and POD data sent back to main warehouse/distribution centre

Reporting & Analytics

Our freight management software system, couldn’t be called that without the ability to measure your freight activity for smarter freight decision-making and continuous improvement. We offer DIY reporting, system maintenance and also outsourced services.

  • DIY through Query By Example (QBE)
  • New MSSQL Reporting Module for a snap shot of freight activity
  • Carrier Invoice Reconciliation service by our team of experts
  • Our staff can also provide you with an independent DIFOT reporting service
  • We provide ‘snackable’ graphics on your data straight to your Inbox for ease of interpretation. Click: B.I Reports
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