Carrier Distribution Solutions

Data-driven freight cost comparisons, negotiation, and implementation for improved outcomes

Freight Tender and Review

With over 40 years’ experience in the freight and logistics industries, we’ve developed a data-driven freight management process that is tailored to every single customer’s individual freight profile.​

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Freight Profiling

To gain an in-depth understanding of your freight profile we have the latest in technology systems that runs your freight data through a range of algorithms to assess your current set up.

Freight Auditing

We audit your freight for any gaps between your freight profile and your current carrier distribution network.

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Freight Benchmarking

We benchmark your freight against industry standards to assess the competitiveness of your rates.

Carrier Negotiation

We source & invite best matching carriers to tender for your freight and negotiate with them on your behalf.

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Predictive Modelling

We run your freight data against the RFP carriers data to produce predictive models on a new carrier distribution solution.

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Shared Savings

Our services are provided on a shared savings basis; it’s a no risk proposition for you. At this point, if you don’t see value, there’s no charge.

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Carrier Network Implementation

Upon finalising the design of your new carrier distribution solution, we work help you implement the new processes, including our freight management software (FMS) system if required.

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Turnkey Solution

Our solutions can incorporate our FMS system; our Freight Auditing; and Business Intelligence Solutions, providing you with a tailored turnkey solution to match your goals.

“Freight Controller’s predictive modelling and analysis reporting via their technology-based freight review process led to a 25% reduction in our parcel distribution costs and a 35% reduction to our pallet freight.”
Carl Homes
Charles Parsons Group