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Freight costs have a big impact on a distributor’s financial performance and so it’s crucial to stay on top of them to ensure you stay profitable.

It can be hard to assess where those costs are coming from; is it a particular product, carrier, customer, geographical location, surcharge – are your sales margins protected across your business?

Using our Freight Systems, and our Freight Business Intelligence capabilities, we can tell you the true story of what’s happening with your freight costs and productivity.

And it’s not just via benchmarking against industry standards (although that’s important). To understand whether your rates are competitive, it’s also about invoice errors, logistics guidelines, Freight Recovery processes and much more.

On the other side of the coin, we have service. Both business customers, and consumers are inclined to blame the distributor, not the carrier, when they don’t get their cargo on time. This will cost you repeat business. Carrier performance (or lack thereof) can cost you more than the hard cost written on your weekly freight invoice. We have the systems to profile and benchmark your freight, to ensure you’re using the right carriers and service mode for your freight, and benchmark carriers’ performance as well.

Our systems, our business intelligence dashboards, our carrier network relationships, and our people supply us with the confidence to offer you a guaranteed return on your investment when you implement the strategies and advice that comes from our subscription solutions.

After an initial, complementary freight consultation for qualifying clients, and review of your data and processes, when we design a solution for your individual logistics needs, we are happy to guarantee a return on your investment with us.

Whether that is hard cost savings solutions via a:

We will optimise your freight spend and provide time saving (therefore money saving) results within 3-6 months of implementing and adhering to our tailored solution for your business.

Typically, our customers will reduce their hard costs on freight by 5 – 30% following our advice.

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