New Break Bulk Scanning Feature for our Freight Management Software

Saving you around 20% of your freight costs with further reduction of costs through damage mitigation

We are pleased to announce a new feature for our Break Bulk clients, now available through the latest version of our freight management software.

The new module, that is being trialled in March, allows clients to scan small items, (cartons, parcels), onto the truck at your warehouse. In relation to the break bulk distribution module it:

1.    Prints out a label for the item that specifies the pallet number i.e. pallet 1, pallet 2, pallet 3
2.    You can then scan items into a cage or onto a pallet.  The system will prompt you to match the destination state of the item to the destination of the pallet.
3.    Carriers can then receive the data from the scan to reconcile with their in depot scans (carrier dependent feature)

A Scanning Report can also be created on where and when the item was scanned and what consignment note an item belongs to.

The process created from this new feature provides clients with confirmation that the item is on the right pallet (or cage); closing the loop on scanning.

This provides a new level of transparency and rigour into your dispatching, and eliminates misdirects.

Using a Break Bulk process can be up to 20% cheaper than a direct, individual item sending process. Some shippers have hesitated to implement such a process despite the savings due to concerns about missing an origin in depot scan.  This new scanning module addresses that concern by offering comprehensive scanning capabilities on your premises.

For those shippers with volume this new system will help with further automation of a break bulk system and should encourage shippers to take advantage of the potential savings that are available.

We have the freight & logistics processes with suitable break bulk carriers to compliment this new freight software feature.

Call us today to find out how this comprehensive process will work for you.

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