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New Year’s Shipping Goals

The post-Christmas period is often a great time to think about your shipping goals for the New Year. This article helps you to work out what the priority shipping goals should be for the year ahead and offers tips on how to achieve them.

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How can a Shipper attract quality Carriers?

In this article we explore why it matters to consider not just which carriers are worthy of your business, but also how you, the Shipper, may become more competitive in your industry if you aim improve your warehouse and dispatch processes to attract quality carriers that support your goals for customer satisfaction.

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Outsourcing your Freight Review

In this article we make the case for outsourcing your freight review to ensure the right data, systems and analytical output, plus the expertise of our staff are used to provide the best outcome for your business, whilst saving you time and money.

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3PL Case Study

Read our latest Case Study helping our Sporting Goods ecommerce customer improve their distribution management with a new 3PL warehouse and the distribution systems to support the warehouse and new FC carriers.

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Freight review
Freight Review Process

We outline the basic steps needed in a best practice Freight Review Process for helping shippers in achieving optimal outcomes of reduced freight costs, improved service and operational modal match.

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