Paperless, Real Time, Warehouse Management Software System

Eliminate manual stock takes; always know where all inventory is within your warehouse; increase throughput by up to 40%

Freight Controller is pleased to advise you of our new warehouse management systems capability for enhancing our current software and service offerings to our clients.

Our aim is to be able to provide our clients with comprehensive turnkey solutions to assist with smoothing over ‘growing pains’ within the supply chain aspects of their business, and to ensure our clients keep up with the latest technological developments in the industry so that their businesses stay competitive in an ever-changing market.

With over 35 years’ experience in the industry that incorporates everything from importing, materials handling solutions, logistics & warehouse consultation services, including distribution systems, and freight dispatching solutions across all 4 modes (Rail, Road, Sea & Air), we are in a great position to advise our clients on how to build an integrated supply chain process across software systems including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), e-commerce, Warehouse Management Software (WMS), and of course Freight Management Software (FMS) systems.

Our WMS system can help the typical warehouse to grow their business by increasing throughput by 30-40%. Alternatively, you can reduce (or reallocate to other tasks) 1-2 staff members from the warehouse without a reduction in current activity levels.

The system can increase productivity through an efficient barcoding & scanning system that automatically imports data into the system through handheld and/or forklift scanning. All locations of the warehouse have scan location labels so that you know everything about an item’s history in your warehouse,

  • from arrival to departure,
  • including the location that it resides
  • when/if it is moved
  • to being scanned onto pallet &/or onto truck.

This enables a paperless, real time inventory management that eliminates the need for manual stock taking. Imagine the time that this will save you each month, each year, when you no longer have to close down dispatching for manual stocktaking, that, by the time it is completed, is no longer 100% accurate?

Some of the main features of the system:

  • Perpetual inventory management in real time so that you always know what stock you have available for order picking
  • Continual stock taking via paperless scanning, no need to close the warehouse for manual stock taking
  • “License Plate” inventory location ensuring that the operator is always in the correct location
  • Many picking rules and methods for priority and for least cost operation
  • Order importing via CSV, XML and many more formats
  • Scan packing for fulfilment accuracy and control
  • Order via EDI transmission

We can also assist clients with automated weighing & cubing scan systems for precise dimensioning and weighing of your outgoing consignments. Weight, dimensions, & cubic volume are critical data sets for accurate freight pricing. Best practice for warehousing & dispatching entails an efficient, precise method for obtaining this information regarding methods of shipping items via carton, pallet, skids etc., that is independent of the carrier’s methods. This way, you cannot be charged for a 200cm long carton when you did not measure the carton, yet know that you sent a 20cm long carton, for instance.

This automatic weighing & cubing process, when integrated with our FMS system, can import that information into our pending file and the consignment note data and therefore on to your carriers’ systems via EDI manifesting for an efficient, error-free import to their accounting systems for accurate freight costing.  

Again, this is also best practice for running automated Carrier Invoice Reconciliation (C.I.R) & credit note reporting to ensure you cover all potential overcharges.

When integrating the system with our FMS system, (if applicable to your business), the automation benefits generally reduce order processing by 1-2 minutes per order. Adding that efficiency to the above-mentioned efficiencies gained by the typical small-medium warehouse site in implementing our WMS system, you can see that this has an exponential, indeed revolutionary, impact upon your business that also increases customer retention & market penetration.

Do you need a simpler method for running your warehouse?

Are you finding that stock taking is taking longer and longer each time to complete?

Do you need to speed up your order processing?

Do you need better methods of forecasting your order/inventory requirements?

If you have answered yes to one or two of these questions, then contact us to learn more about how we can help you with solving these issues for your business.

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