Freight Management Systems

Integrated, tailored software platforms for full visibility and control

Data is the key to our range of solutions, and this often starts with our Freight Management Software (FMS) system. Through this system, we help you gain control over your data to better manage your decision-making processes.

We can build our FMS system for you as a stand alone system, or including our Sign-on-Glass (SOG) and / or Cube, Weigh, and automatic Label Applicator systems. We can implement it for you as ‘out of the box’ or modified to your business requirements.

We have over 16 years’ experience integrating FMS systems with a range of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP); and Warehouse Management systems.

We can provide you with a turnkey solution that includes our customised distribution solutions, software systems, freight invoice reconciliation and Business Intelligence reporting.

Focus on keeping your customers happy; and take advantage of our range of software systems for cost effectively updating and integrating your systems.

Computer Screen Icon Freight Controller

Freight Management Software

Australia's most sophisticated, independent multi-carrier Dispatching & Freight Management Software system for automating and managing your dispatch requirements.

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Sign-On-Glass System

Drivers use our SOG Android App to automate their deliveries and obtain PODs including signatures and photos in real time.

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Cube, Weight, Auto Label

The Dimensioner scans cartons travelling down the conveyor belt, weighs the cartons and automatically applies the freight label to the carton for accurate pricing data and greatly increased throughput.

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