Viva Energy adopts 2Ship to bring their Mailroom In-House

Viva Energy

Viva Energy is one of Australia’s leading energy companies and supplies approximately a quarter of the country’s liquid fuel requirements. It is the exclusive supplier of high-quality Shell fuels and lubricants in Australia through an extensive network of more than 1,330 service stations across the country. Viva Energy is making significant moves in Australia with the recent acquisition of Coles Express convenience outlets. Viva Energy has also recently announced the acquisition of the South Australian based OTR Group (subject to regulatory approval).  These recent acquisitions confirm Viva Energy’s position as a leading supplier of convenience market goods and services across Australia.

Mailroom In-House

Now that Viva Energy has so many more convenience and energy locations to supply, they have recently made the decision to bring their mailroom function in-house.  The mailroom will dispatch outbound and receive inbound parcels and satchels to their convenience network initially.  We are delighted to confirm that Viva Energy has selected and installed 2Ship Shipping and Mailroom automation software to assist in the processing and control of these regular shipments.

Phase 1: Outbound Shipments

In phase one of this project, Viva Energy is focusing on regular outbound parcel and satchel shipments to their convenience network. In future development, Viva Energy will consider extending the 2Ship software to cover outbound and inbound shipments to other parts of their network.

Reasons for adopting 2Ship

Some of the reasons why Viva Energy selected 2Ship to provide this vital functionality are:

  1. 2Ship allows Viva Energy to quickly and easily import a bulk project of hundreds of shipments into the 2Ship order queue, while simultaneously calculating the shipment cost, and automatically printing the shipping labels. 
  2. 2Ship accesses the carrier rates directly via API, and therefore Viva Energy are highly confident that 2Ship will bring back an accurate shipping estimate including any surcharges, as well as a compliant shipping label.
    • Currently Viva Energy are using the one national carrier, but as their use of 2Ship expands they may decide to introduce additional carriers and or services, and 2Ship will automatically pick the least cost option, (or the fastest option when preferred), as it imports the shipments, reducing Viva’s shipping costs.
  3. Because 2Ship uses the carriers API to connect and transmit data, 2Ship collects all the tracking information and displays this information easily in the tracking page, as well as sending this tracking information via email to each convenience store allowing both the sender and recipient to easily and quickly track their shipments.
  4. 2Ship has a full suite of APIs that will allow Viva Energy to seamlessly connect their ERP to 2Ship for real time data transfer.  This means that Viva Energy can Export orders to 2Ship as well importing tracking and shipment cost information back to their ERP, in real time for organisation-wide customer service management.
  5. Mailroom automation and chain of custody – in the future Viva Energy has the option to roll out 2Ship’s dedicated Ship Request feature and mobile app, which allows for full Chain of Custody for all inbound and outbound parcels, to and from their corporate and operational locations nationwide.

Reddy Express

Viva Energy is embarking on a complete re-branding strategy where Coles Express will be gradually re-branded as Reddy Express for a national roll out of their convenience store strategy. At Freight Controller, we are delighted to be part of this exciting journey and are committed to helping Viva Energy implement best practice Shipping and Mailroom automation.

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