Different Shipment Tracking URL by Sending Location

What is a Shipment Tracking URL?

In the context of shipping, a tracking URL is a standard link that is specifically created to allow a user to view shipping data such as scanning events, ETA dates, and the status of the shipment; importantly if it has been delivered or not.  

What is the main benefit of a Shipment Tracking URL?

Tracking URLs are an important part of the shipping process.  2Ship, (like other shipping software platforms), generates a tracking URL that can be sent to the shipper and the recipient or even a third party.  The recipient can now quickly monitor the tracking status of the shipment without needing to contact the shipper to find out what is happening with the shipment. 

Beyond a basic Shipment Tracking URL

What 2Ship does that goes beyond some other platforms is to allow for different shipment tracking URLs to be generated by sending location.  Within 2Ship you can set up locations with unique users, senders address and rules. By setting 2Ship up this way you have the flexibility around how your present shipping information to your recipients. 

For example, consider the scenario where an organisation has multiple brands and wishes to separate their tracking data by brand. The shipper may choose to set up a unique page on their website and direct customers of that brand to go to that web page for the purpose of tracking shipments. 

2Ship can also embed a tracking URL inside an Advance Shipping Notice (ASN).  This can be sent to recipients or third parties, and allows them to confirm the contents of the shipment as well as the status of the shipment.  Again, 2Ship demonstrates its smarts by allowing you, the shipper to create an ASN for each brand, and send a different ASN by location thereby reinforcing the brand differentiation. 

By creating a tracking URL link for that brand, the shipper can maintain the brand reinforcement, and meet other sales and marketing goals of the business.   


Different shipment tracking URLs and ASNs by brand is an example of how 2Ship provides a sophisticated shipping solution right out of the box.

If you can see this feature helping you tailor your shipping process, then feel free to reach out to our team here, and we can show you how easy it is to set this feature up. 

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