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How to Successfully Overcome Delivery Delays

While we would all like to get back to a time when delivery delays were generally within acceptable parameters, since COVID 19 there have been significant disruptions to global supply chains, which then affect local distribution leading to many delayed deliveries and uncertainties around timeframes. COVID 19 caused lockdowns around

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Freight Customer Service

In this article, we explore the ways in which you can optimise the management of your customer service tasks when it comes to the logistics and freight industries to ensure that you increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs to this core work, and maintain a competitive edge.

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Freight Peak Season

What will the Shipping Peak Season look like in 2020 in Australia? How can you ensure that you have a successful Peak Season and make the most of any potential sales, new customers and maintain a happy customer base?

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Outsourced Automated Freight Customer Service

We’ve upgraded our Customer Service platform for better transparency, efficiency and real time, interactive KPIs on your carriers. Can be used separate of our other services and is cost effective solution for time and resource poor shipping organisations.

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Sign-On-Glass Android App

We are excited and pleased to announce our SOG Android App for Shippers, Carriers and Regional Agents. This Delivery and SOG App has unique features such as auto run sort and optional photo capture and can integrate with our FMS system, and with Carriers systems for real time POD reporting.

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Independent DIFOT and Consignment Status Reporting

It is with great pride and satisfaction that the team at Freight Controller can now announce the completion of our initial testing of our Consignment Status and DIFOT, (Delivered In Full On Time), Report. This development has been a long time in the making and taken many, many hours of negotiating, development and testing.

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