I want to reduce my freight costs

Keeping a lid on your freight costs is always a priority but increasingly difficult to do.

Distribution is often seen as a cost centre and has not garnered the attention of executive team members, but the opposite can be true.

Freight can represent 10% of your overall costs and therefore focussing on reducing these costs can have a positive impact on your business. If you understand these costs well, including landed costs for each SKU, you can move toward turning your logistics department into a profit centre, and reinvesting the savings into your business via a continuous improvement method.

At Freight Controller, we capture all your freight data to gain full visibility on your freight costs. With this, we provide you with the interactive, real time dashboards to adjust your daily tactics as well as guidance from our logistics experts.

Our data-driven approach means that we can analyse your freight to profile, benchmark against industry standards, and then design a carrier distribution network via predictive modelling that provides highly competitive rates. Along with the system smarts from our freight technology and our logistics advice, we typically save 5 – 30% of freight costs.

How we help reduce freight costs:

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