Independent DIFOT and Consignment Status Reporting

Introducing our latest feature to assist with benchmarking of carrier sevices

It is with great pride and satisfaction that the team at Freight controller can now announce the completion of our initial testing of our Consignment Status and DIFOT, (Delivered In Full On Time), Report. This development has been along time in the making and taken many, many hours of negotiating, development and testing.

Freight Controller is now in a position where we can provide our customers with the opportunity to receive a report weekly or monthly showing the dispatch date, the estimated delivery date, and the actual delivery date of each and every consignment sent via our compliant Carriers. Once this is done we can then prepare a report showing the percentage of consignments late or on time, by Carrier and Service.

I can hear many people reading this saying “Well, we can get our carrier to supply DIFOT reports already, what is the big deal about this?”

Well, there are some crucial differences. Firstly, many Carriers can’t actually provide DIFOT reports, and those that can don’t usually provide it as a standard process; you need to request it each month via your Account Representative.

Secondly, the information is often filtered through the company’s employees and therefore it is open to interpretation or manipulation. Ours, on the other hand, is collected by us as an independent partner, and is collected directly from the Carrier’s website, not from the Carrier’s DIFOT reports as some other providers do.

Furthermore, at Freight Controller we have the ability to provide the data from various Carriers in one complete report, straight to your Inbox, which is certainly far more efficient and convenient when compared to having to ask Carriers for their DIFOT report each and every month, chasing them up and trying to consolidate various different data formats.

Compliant Carriers

At the time of writing our DIFOT Report is available for the following Carriers; more are being added each month:

  • TNT
  • Star Track
  • Toll Ipec
  • Toll Express
  • NQX
  • Toll Priority
  • Direct Freight Express
  • Border Express
  • Mainfreight
  • Couriers Please

If you would like to receive regular reports showing the actual versus scheduled delivery date for your Carriers conveniently sent to you weekly or monthly, then give our team a call and we’ll let you know how we can implement this great feature for you.

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