Outsourced Automated Freight Customer Service

As a Freight Consultancy, we have always offered outsourced automated freight management services to support our customers’ shipping activity. We have over 40 years’ experience in freight management and well understand how to run an efficient and effective customer service operation.

Our outsourced Freight Customer Service services can be a part of a turnkey freight management solution or it can be a solo solution that customers can tap into when and as needed.

We are constantly looking at ways to improve upon what we offer across our range of freight management services. Today, we are announcing our current improvement to further automate our solutions in the area of customer service.

New Customer Service System

This new upgrade to our systems is a new and separate module of our Carrier Check system. As with our Carrier Invoice/consignment Reconciliation process, this Customer Service Module will also have a Business Intelligence Dashboard for KPIs that show how quickly we can resolve queries and how carriers perform in terms of responding to your needs.

Customers will use a dedicated email address or may logon to a web page to lodge their freight customer service queries directly into our Customer Service Carrier Check platform. Our Customer Service team will manage the queries within the system, contacting the carrier(s) involved and managing the issue to completion.

Issues would include your typical freight customer service queries such as:

  • Non delivery
  • Late delivery
  • Damaged freight
  • Proof of Delivery (POD) request.
  • ETA request

The Main Benefits of our Customer Service System

For time and resource poor organisations the main benefits of this solution are:

  • Accessing scalable, experienced human resources at lower costs and higher productivity rate than internal staff
  • Tapping into automation to assist with fast response for your customers
  • Accessing our team’s knowledge and experience across all 4 modes of transport;
  • Including having long term relationships with carriers across the Australian market, which enables us to get results quickly
  • The Customer Service Carrier Check module itself; enabling a streamlined, comprehensive, transparent and efficient process

Value-Add Transport Management Solutions

Whilst we stated above that this system can work separate of our other solutions it is worth noting that our Transport Management System (TMS) has a further enhancement for your Customer Service requirements in our Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN). ASN’s further reduce your customer service queries by:

  • Letting your customers know that the order has been processed,
  • Providing them with the details of the shipping order,
  • And the ability to proactively check on the delivery themselves

We have an article on this where you can learn more about the advantages of the ASN. Of course, the independent, multi-carrier TMS system has a range of other benefits such as automating your shipping orders that you can learn about here.

Customer Service KPI Dashboard

As briefly mentioned above, the new system comes with KPI Reporting and an interactive, real time Dashboard for full transparency on our service and that of your carriers. The Executive team can securely login, daily, weekly, monthly; at any time as required, to see the latest data.

The Data will be shown via appropriate algorithms & KPIs such as:

  • Number of Queries
  • Types of Queries
  • Time to Resolve
  • Number of Escalated Queries
  • Carrier KPIs on above Query Categories
  • National KPI data as well as NDC/Branch-level data
  • Customer/Receiver-level query data
  • Trending Data

This new Dashboard works much like our Business Intelligence Dashboard on Freight Activity & Costs. You can of course, subscribe to both systems for a more comprehensive view on your freight and with the tools to optimise your freight processes and further reduce your freight costs.

Freight Consultants

Our in-house team of Freight Consultants will be there to help with any patterns of issues un-covered, and advice on how to improve performance, both at the warehouse and the Carrier sites, fulfilling a role much like an Account Manager. With the access to the real time data that this system provides; they can promptly alert you to any changes, advise on how to improve so that you can quickly fix an issue before it becomes an entrenched problem that affects your customers, and even work with you to optimise your distribution network if needed.

To learn more about how you can take advantage of our new Customer Service System to improve this crucial customer satisfaction component of your business, whilst reducing your costs, and supporting your logistics team, contact us for an online meeting.

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