Sign-On-Glass Android App

Introducing our new Delivery and SOG App

At Freight Controller, we are very pleased and excited to announce the arrival of our latest Supply Chain technology product: our Delivery and Sign-On-Glass (SOG) Android App.

The system makes Delivery and POD Management simple, as well as cost effective. The App can run on any Android phone. The App takes advantage of recent technological development that are inherent in today’s smart phones such as touchscreen, barcode scanning tech, and inbuilt cameras; as well as Google’s Navigation system.

With a simple and comprehensive Homepage; swipe left to access Special Instructions and Map; touch button to phone receiver, the App simplifies deliveries for the driver on the go, and offers a range of flexibility in assisting with optimising their run.

While you can use a standard phone’s camera to scan the bar code (as noted above), the camera must focus and so it’s a slower operation than using a dedicated laser scanner. We therefore, can also offer hardware options where, via Bluetooth, you can connect a dedicated laser scanner, or even all-in-one robust phones with a dedicated scanner for the ultimate convenience and efficiency. This can be a worthwhile investment for high volume level users.

The SOG software system can integrate with our Carrier Billing System, or alternatively we can download data to an MSSQL database, or a csv file for import into your existing invoicing software system. (For our Freight Management Software – FMS – clients, we can integrate the App as well.) This enables you to create a seamless end-to-end Dispatch, Billing & POD Management solution with POD Data imported in real time to your Transport Management system for Delivery in Full on Tim (DIFOT) Reporting.

While we acknowledge that there are other SOG Apps in the marketplace, we believe that we have two features that are unique: photo capture and no need to “push to device’.

Capturing photos at the time of signature gives the sender or carrier the option to insist on a photo of the premise, the items, or proof of identity of the receiver. This is particularly important if the items are of high value or if you want proof of the item’s status in terms of damage.

Other Apps ask the operators to push data to a device or run. Ours pulls the data to the device where the run is automatically sorted by distance on the device. Items can easily be transferred from one driver to another. this is a huge advantage in speed and simplicity for both the upload and download process.

A summary of the main benefits:

Delivery benefits:

  • Multi-carrier system; no need to have specialised hardware for each carrier
  • Simple scan with phone of items creates your run; no need to sort consignments to devices or agents
  • Creates Flags such as: short deliver, photo required, ok to leave, signature required, etc.,
  • Receiver contact names, direct phone numbers, Special Instructions all there on the phone
  • Creates run sorted by distance; can change to priority consignments, etc.
  • Pick up available as well so that returns logistics can be managed

POD benefits:

  • Integrates with our Carrier Billing Software Systems and/or our Freight Management System (FMS) for end-to-end
  • Freight management process
  • Latitude & Longitude of POD capture returned to the carrier’s operations or accounting system
  • Optional photo of parcels or receivers Drivers License for high security deliveries
  • Sign on Glass capture
  • POD available in real time (if, or as soon as, phone is in range of mobile tower)
  • Manages returns; scans non-delivered items back at the depot onto SOG Server to FMS or carrier software

This new software system works for a variety of Australian transportation markets inluding:

  • carriers
  • regional/freight forwarding agents
  • medium-large shippers with internal drivers; subcontractors including service fleets

For Carriers

Carriers can take advantage of a range of benefits from the system. You can use it for your own drivers, subcontractors, as well as freight agents. The benefits for carriers include:

  • One upload for all your agents
  • No prior sorting of data by agent device or runs
  • Instant PODs independent of the agent (once in range of mobile tower)
  • API access for seamless transactions
  • Forward dating deliveries
  • Massive reduction in hardware costs and maintenance

For Regional/Freight Forwarding Agents

The main benefits for this group are:

  • Access all carriers you act as an agent for, on one device (smart phone); no need to have one device for each carrier
  • Download and export consignment details to csv for import into our Carrier Billing Software (or yours)
  • Consignments easily transferred to alternative runs; simply scan off the items with your phone; another driver scans them back on
  • No need to be rained on a traditional SOG device or to know the run prior to scanning
  • Your direct customers can upload consignments and download PODs in real time via our dispatch software
  • Manage and optimise driver’s performance via delivery histories
  • Small hardware outlay compared to expensive scanners
  • Complete turnkey solution for integrated invoice generation, POD Management and customer EDI dispatch

 For Medium-Large Shippers

For those medium to large shippers that have internal drivers, subcontractors, or a service fleet that delivers spare parts, etc., this is an ideal system for you as well.

  • Track n’ Trace via SOG System
  • This system integrates with our FMS System
  • Uploads consignments data to the driver’s phone for organising the day’s run(s)
  • Uploads back to our FMS system immediately upon capturing POD at receiver’s location
  • POD data such as signature, photos can be captured within FMS for reference for customer service and sales staff; reducing freight customer service costs
  • You can also work with other 3PL providers i.e. your interstate carriers, to integrate the system so you receive their SOG/POD data into your FMS system as well

 Integrating this SOG Software System & Android App with our other range of software solutions for dispatch, freight pricing, track n’ trace is where the system can really leverage your business though a seamless automation that provides a simple, smart solution for your freight and freight customer service optimisation.

When you combine the tailored solution of our platform of Supply Chain Solutions with our data-driven carrier distribution solutions you are truly creating a disruptive freight management solution that will impress your clients whilst reducing your costs as you take full control of your transport processes.

To learn more about our exciting new software solution and how it is best implemented for your business, (and your 3PL providers), contact us now.

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