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Explore the main features that can enhance the delivery & POD management for shippers, carriers, and regional agents

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Sign on Glass (SOG) Android App

Introducing our latest software product: our Sign on Glass Android smart phone App. Manage all of your deliveries through this App to dramatically improve on your delivery; track n trace & security processes.

  • Scan consignment delivery data through Android smart phone; no need to assign consignment to driver/agent
  • Automatically sorts deliveries into runs by distance
  • Sets Flags e.g. short deliver, photo required, okay to leave, don’t deliver before
  • Provides Special Instructions for delivery to assist with delivery process
  • Enables drivers to use Google Navigation
  • Captures Latitude & Longitude data at point of delivery
  • Optional capability to capture a photo at the time of delivery, in addition to signature, for greater security

For Carriers, Regional Agents

This new SOG technology can be used by small, or regional carriers, as well as larger metro-based carriers. The system will:

  • Create drivers’ runs by simply scanning items
  • Import POD’s back to Transport Management Software (TMS) in real timeheight
  • Allow customers/carriers to subscribe to our POD Download Service to download POD and/or Status quickly and easily
  • Manage “short delivery” and Returns quickly and easily
  • You can integrate it with our Carrier Billing Systems
  • You can also integrate it with our FMS system when you provide that to your clients dispatching warehouse for an end-to-end automated process
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For Medium to Large Shippers

Medium to large shippers that have a need to manage some of their deliveries internally can enhance their supply chain processes through this system, or even set it up with their 3PL providers.

  • Track n’ Trace via Sign On Glass (SOG) system
  • This system integrates with our FMS software
  • Uploads consignment data to the driver’s phone for organising the day’s run(s)
  • Uploads back to our FMS system immediately upon capturing POD at receivers’ location
  • POD data such as signature, photos can be captured within FMS for reference for customer service and sales staff; reducing freight customer service costs
  • You can also work with other 3PL providers i.e. your interstate carriers, to integrate the system so you receive their SOG/POD data into your FMS system as well


This SOG Android App will improve your deliveries from both a security and an efficiency perspective, and will provide you with accurate information for KPI purposes, and improved driver management.

  • The driver loads consignments to the App on his phone via camera scanning barcode on parcel label
  • The SOG App sorts consignments by distance from your current location to assist with route planning efficiencies
  • Shows delivery instructions on the driver’s phone, i.e. contact name and number; phone receiver to ensure they are at the delivery address
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Route Optimisation

There are options for improving both your delivery success rate and efficiency such as:

  • Zoom in and out on Unshipped Orders Map to view all consignment destinations
  • Re-order delivery list via other parameters than distance, i.e. availability of receiver, priority orders
  • Google Navigator integration ensures efficient delivery, taking advantage of Google’s Traffic updates

Proof of Delivery

There are a range of features that help you to obtain vital information on the Proof of Delivery (POD). This is particularly useful for the highly valuable consignments, or consignments being delivered to constructions sites, schools etc., places where it is harder to locate the authorised receiver.

  • Integrates with your camera to capture photographic proof of delivery if required
  • Your Android smart phone can capture consignee signature; particularly important if only one or two people are authorised to accept (as per special instructions)
  • Latitude & Longitude on POD capture feature helps you to manage driver KPIs
  • All captured data is uploaded to the Server at your warehouse/depot upon driver’s return
  • Returns uploaded can be re-scheduled for delivery or returned to the sender/supplier.
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