Transport Management Case Study Dynaweld Freight Controller

Transport Management Case Study

Read our latest Case Study with our good friends at Dynaweld to gain some insights on how we help distributors improve their freight processes through a range of initiatives; via freight reviews, invoice reconciliation, BI reports and software improvements.

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How can a Shipper become more attractive to a quality Carrier? Freight Controller

How can a Shipper become more attractive to a quality Carrier?

In this article we explore why it matters to consider not just which carriers are worthy of your business, but also how you, the Shipper, may become more competitive in your industry if you aim improve your warehouse and dispatch processes to attract quality carriers that support your goals for customer satisfaction.

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Sign-on-Glass App Case Study Freight Controller

Sign-on-Glass App Case Study

Read our Case Study on the implementation of our Sign-on-Glass App System to learn of the potential pragmatic benefits for your dispatching operations, proof of delivery capabilities and driver and DIFOT KPIs.

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Cube, Weigh and Label Applicator Project Freight Controller

Cube, Weigh and Label Applicator Project

Read our article on our project to implement an automated Cube, Weigh and Label Application System for one of our most valued clients, Brown & Watson International, which was integrated with our FMS system and their Pronto system, as part of a best practice supply chain automation system and carrier invoice reconciliation, with BI Reporting process.

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Carrier Invoice Reconciliation Freight Controller

Carrier Invoice Reconciliation

If you are concerned about keeping on top of rising freight costs, and the connection between those costs and the accuracy of your carriers’ freight invoicing, read our article on implementing a best practice, automated Carrier Invoice Reconciliation service to learn how to insure your business against inaccurate pricing leading to rising costs.

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Sign-On-Glass Android App Freight Controller

Sign-On-Glass Android App

We are excited and pleased to announce our SOG Android App for Shippers, Carriers and Regional Agents. This Delivery and SOG App has unique features such as auto run sort and optional photo capture and can integrate with our FMS system, and with Carriers systems for real time POD reporting.

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Paperless, Real Time, Warehouse Management Software System Freight Controller

Paperless, Real Time, Warehouse Management Software System

Read our latest article on our Warehouse Management Software: paperless, real time, bar code and scanning W.M.S. system that eliminates manual stock taking, increases throughput, and is customisable for different shippers’ needs. Freight Controller can consult with you to provide a turnkey solution using a range of our Supply Chain technology…

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