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Outsourcing the Management of your Freight Software and Reporting

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, but how many companies are putting the effort in to truly optimise their freight processes and margins? And if you don’t get around to assigning this critical business requirement to an internal resource, what is the true cost? How will you know that your business is making the right…

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Automated least cost carrier selection

We now have the exciting ability for distributors to estimate the delivery cost of a courier or taxi truck delivery and compare it to the traditional Local Overnight delivery of the parcel carriers with a click of a button. This opens up new possibilities in the management of your freight processes that will allow you to maintain service levels…

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Why a free freight carrier system, isn’t really free

With the exponential growth occurring in technologies these days we can all point to an example of a system that is free, whether that be a free CRM platform, free texting, free social media, free mobile apps and so on. And in the freight industry you can draw a bow from this to the free carrier systems that are available to shippers when they sign a contract to use their rates and services. But are they really free? We would argue they are not, let us explain.

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